The Best Banana Clips

The Best Banana Clips ...

The banana clip isn't exactly a hair elastic after all, but a curved clip with a rather memorable name: The banana clip. Unlike elastics, the banana clip will not tug your hair or leave any marks because of the wide-tooth comb that holds your hair in place. On the list ahead, you'll find a mix of classic and tortoiseshell banana clips.

How To Handle A Banana Clip

On TikTok, you can find a slew of tutorials for messy buns and half-up, half-down styles. However, the most popular method of wearing a banana clip is in a ponytail. Both hands will help hold your hair in place while you maneuver the clip to your desired ponytail height, and you can pin them back separately using bobby pins.

The Best Banana Clips

Are you in a hurry? Here are the top banana clips.

1.A Classic Assortment

If you're not sure where to start, this set of assorted clips offers 12 banana clips in four different styles to play with. The larger, round clips are more suitable for half-up and half-down styles (or for holding smaller sections of your hair back while you do your makeup)

Relevant Review: "Love these hair clips and the variety of colors! They're so comfortable and sturdy, and they're always on until you remove them!"

The French Way To Wear A Banana Clip

The Camila Paris Banana Clip is a chic and sample interpretation of the trend. These clips are wider, giving a sturdier hold that works particularly well for thicker hair types, but they also come in a variety of colors, from pink to a classic tortoiseshell.

Relevant Review: "I have very thick and curly hair that is barely long enough to put back. This clip does an excellent job of holding it, and it's really easy to use with one hand (while my other hand holds my hair in place."

3.A Colorful Set

This six-piece set is available in four color variations with themes like jelly candy, pastel, or rainbow. The transparent set (pictured) includes neutral colors such as orange, pink, purple, and blue.

Relevant Review: "I'm pleasantly surprised by the quality of these clips!" My hair is very thick so regular clips pop open or just don't hold much. These clips are extremely strong, they don't pop open, and I can get them to close easily.

4.A Floral Option

This flower-embellished banana clip is a Chanel-like texture. This banana clip is suitable for anyone with shorter or medium-length hair that is finer.

Relevant Review: "I love this Banana Clip, because I have a very small head and very fine hair. It stays in my hair and looks fantastic!!"

5.An Embellished Set

When you want to highlight the banana clip for a special occasion, go for a rhinestone or pearl embellished clip. Some of these sets are finished with tiny rhinestones for added sparkle. Though these clips are quite long, the smaller teeth on the combs make them more suitable for fine hair.

Relevant Review: "I honestly didn't expect these to be that great considering the price, but I was quite surprised at how wonderful and easy they worked. My hair is medium density and I literally wear them everyday because of how well they stay in and don't slide around. If your hair is very thick and curly, they might not work as well, but for medium to fine density, they're fantastic!!

6.For Thick Hair

These colorful banana clips have two sets of teeth on each comb, the first being the large claw teeth on the outside of the combs, which are already strong enough to hold thick hair. The second is the tiny claw teeth on the inside of the comb, which help keep your hair in place.

Relevant Review: "These clips are fantastic! Ive been looking for clips to wear my thick hair. Many have been broken. These clips are different in that they have a spring at the bottom of the clip and a strong clasp at the top. I even slept with the clip in and the clasp remained closed - fantastic piece of hair hardware."

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