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Huobi launched Derivatives Warrant, Expanding its swagger, further expanding its trading services suite

Huobi launched Derivatives Warrant, Expanding its swagger, further expanding its trading services suite

- At the end of September, Huobi Global announced the extension of the Derivatives Warrant trading services to all its global markets. Since its debut in Vietnam in September, the product was launched in several markets, including India, Europe, Oceania, Australia, New Zealand, and other Pacific Islands.

Huobi Derivatives Warrant is an option product created by Huo Futures, a derivatives trading platform under Hub Global. Huobi Derivatives Warrant combines major American and European spread options, which allow users to increase their potential upside without risking too much capital.

Aside from traditional options providers, Huobi Derivatives Warrant provides a sound and liquid market where users don't need to bear losses in which the executed premiums end up being different from the proposed ones, except in extreme

"Huobi Derivatives Warrant enables traders to choose multiple types of options corresponding to different market conditions", said Du Jun, co-founder of Huobi Group. For example, if traders think it will be a flat market going forward, they can lock in profits by configuring the price range with European spread options; Rather, in the event that the market will move either direction, without

The function settings of Huobi Derivatives Warrant differs between Huoobi Global's mobile app and website versions, and have been adapted to meet different users' trading habits. The mobile app version offers American options with the strike price as the underlying price upon purchase, and users only need to select the expiration date and option type (call/put). The website version offers American and European options.

We want to offer a simpler options trading experience that allows users to place orders in three simple steps. As far as we can see, the price of buying options is lower, even when it is used to other derivatives trading platforms. We hope this can give more users a chance to trade on our platform, says Mr. Du.

About Huobi Group

Huobi Group, a world-leading blockchain company, was founded in 2013 to make progress in core blockchain technology and further the integration of blockchain technologies into other industries. Huobi Group expanded its products and services to public blockchains, digital asset trading, wallets and mining pools, proprietary investments, project incubation, new digital assets research, and more. Huobi Group has established a global digital ecosystem by investing in over 60 upstream and downstream companies across the blockchain industry.


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