So Of Course The Internet Is Wilding Out, Kim and Pete according to reports

So Of Course The Internet Is Wilding Out, Kim and Pete according to reports ...

A source close to the couple reported that the sun has set on Ketes' relationship after nine months together, but social media quickly erupted about the apparent breakup. Elite Daily reached out to both Davidson and Kardashians' reps for confirmation of the breakup, but did not hear back until the publication.

E! first reported the shocking breakup on August 5, with a source saying the superstar duo had quietly split up earlier in the week. Apparently, distance was the determining factor in the reported breakup Davidson has been filming in Australia, while Kardashian has stayed in California to co-parent her children's ex-husband with Kanye West. The pair still have a lot of love and respect for each other...

The reports of a divorce come nine months after the couple first broke up at the end of 2021, when they first kissed on live TV during the host of the October 7 episode of Saturday Night Live. Both parties made a tremendous impact as a couple, and so, naturally, the internet had a lot to say about the split.

Given that the Kardashians' ex has publicly criticized the relationship time and time again, there is a lot of speculation on Kanye West's response.

If Kete's career is ever ended, at least they had a great time. Davidson had tried to get Kardashians number first by asking Megan Fox to set him up, as Kardashian later revealed in an episode of The Kardashians. Fox laughed it off and said it wouldnt happen, but Kim proved herself wrong.

Kardashians sat down with the Staten Island comedian and announced their relationship on Instagram in March 2022. Fans saw several Instagram posts of the two and paparazzi pics that revealed how compatible they were. Ketes' relationship lasted nine months, even taking it to the Met Galas star-studded red carpet, but the couple has apparently decided to call it quits.

Im a skeptic, holding onto hope that Kete proves their love is greater than the distance between them; absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

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