The Best Bleached Hair Leave-In Conditioners

The Best Bleached Hair Leave-In Conditioners ...

Bleach works by breaking down the fatty acids around the hair shaft, allowing it to penetrate the shaft to lift darker pigments. This can lead to hair dryness and, in more severe cases, limp texture and breakage. Leave-in conditioners, according to colorist Hitomi Ikeda, are effective at repairing damaged bonds and restoring hair's luster.

The Expert

Hitomi Ikeda is a Master Colorist at Rob Peetoom Salon in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

What Is the Effects of Bleach on Hair?

If you do an at-home bleach job and leave the bleach on your hair for too long, it can irreparable damage to the hair shaft, which may then lead to dryness, brittleness, and in the most severe cases, breakage. When done properly, bleach safely lifts natural pigments and hair dye, leading to higher hair porosity.

How To Suggest Bleached Hair's Best Leave-In Conditioners

Ikeda suggests that Keratin, collagen, and protein be used as leave-in conditioners for bleached hair. These ingredients help to repair broken bonds and repair any damage that might have occurred due to bleaching. In addition, you should look for moisturizing oils like argan oil and coconut oil, which can penetrate deep into the cortex to restore hair health.

First, shampoo and condition your hair as you normally would. Ikeda suggests using shampoos and conditioners that contain citric or lactic acid to [rebalance] the pH levels and help re-strengthen the hair post-bleach. Use a microfiber towel or hair wrap to wick away excess moisture. Then, apply a dime-sized amount of leave-in conditioner through the mid-ends of your damp hair (or, if its a spray bottle, mist it liberal

The Best Bleached Hair Leave-In Conditioners

Are you in a hurry? Here are the best leave-in conditioners for bleached hair:

Under $10: The Best Leave-In Conditioner

  • Some reviewers mention that this product leaves their hair feeling slightly greasy.

If you have curly hair, you may already know the difficulties associated with maintaining bleached curls. Cantus leave-in conditioner restores a springy shine to your curls with ingredients such as pure shea butter, castor oil, and argan oil. Hair-building hydrolyzed proteins and silk amino acids help to repair split ends and shine.

Pure shea butter, castor oil, hydrolyzed proteins, silk amino acids, and argan oil Cruelty-Free: Yes Size: 8 oz.

Relevant Review: I absolutely love this lotion, and will purchase it again. It [has] made my hair soft, even though] I've bleached my hair a lot. I have curly 3A hair and sometimes I will only use this in my hair rather than adding a mouse or gel.

2.The Best All-In-One Leave-In Conditioner & Hair Protectant

  • Specifically designed for color-treated hair.
  • Acts as a heat- and color-protectant.
  • Its pretty fragrant this might pose an issue for those sensitive to smells.
  • Pricey.

Pureology's leave-in conditioner is a great way to restore moisture and repair damaged bonds, but what would it look like if you could protect and preserve your color, regardless of whether you've dyed your entire head or just got a few highlights? This leave-in conditioner also contains vegetable proteins to help balance your hair's pH, protect against heat damage, and even serve as a primer for the rest of your styling routine.

Coconut oil, xylose, olive oil, and vegetable proteins are all included in the package. Yes Size: 6.7 oz.

Relevant Review: My hair has just been bleached and highlighted, making it extremely dry and brittle. I've been experimenting with a few leave in conditioners, but this one is by far the best. My hair is no longer straw.

3.Keratin-Free Luxury Leave-In Conditioners

  • Contains a revolutionary type of keratin thats derived from real, ethically sourced human hair.
  • It may not offer enough moisture for people with 4A 4C curls.
  • Pricey, especially considering that it contains the least amount of product on this list.

Virtue Labs' Alpha Keratin 60ku is a proprietary conditioner that works by pinpointing (and repairing) damage on your individual strands, thus resulting in stronger and healthier hair this summer. Benzophenone-4 is another ingredient in Virtue Labs Leave-In Conditioner, which helps to prevent UV damage.

Alpha Keratin 60ku, amino acids blend, benzophenone-4 Cruelty-Free: Yes Size: 5 oz.

Relevant Review: This leave in conditioner is fantastic. I spray it on my hair after I've towel-dry it, then blow-dry it. It leaves my hair so silky and smooth. At the end of the day before bed I spray it on my dry hair and brush it through. I feel like it helps condition it overnight.

The Best Budget Leave-In Conditioner With Keratin

  • It contains a slow-release keratin system for an all-day treatment.
  • At under $15, its pretty affordable.
  • None.

Leave-in conditioners can be too heavy for coarse hair, which can result in a lack of volume and potential buildup over time. CHIs leave-in conditioner contains Keratrix, which works with a slow-release system technology to strengthen bleached hair throughout the day.

Keratin amino acids, argan oil, and jojoba oil Cruelty-Free: Yes Size: 6 oz.

Relevant Review: This is my first purchase of this product. Have been bleaching my pixie haircut for years! Finally Ive discovered the one product that works for the crispy crispy blonde sensation post-bleach. I'll be purchasing more soon.

The Best Leave-In Conditioner With Collagen

  • At 8.5 ounces, its the biggest bottle on this list.
  • Contains biotin, an ingredient thats long been associated with hair growth and strength.
  • There is very little research on whether biotin causes hair growth or not I do not recommend this leave-in conditioner as a replacement for your current hair growth routine.

To have strong, shiny hair, you need to consume collagen-rich bone broth every day. Argan oil and omega-rich sunflower seed oil add moisture, as well as a glossy sheen. This also contains biotin, which has long been praised for its supposed hair-growth stimulants (though, as mentioned above, the actual evidence is lacking).

Biotin, citric acid, hydrolyzed collagen, argan oil, and sunflower seed oil Cruelty-Free: Yes Size: 8.5 oz

Relevant Review: This stuff is a miracle in a bottle. My fine hair is damaged due to bleaching, which makes it dry. One use of this product transformed my unruly hair into soft and manageable.

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