What to Expect From Google's Video Chat Merger When It Comes

What to Expect From Google's Video Chat Merger When It Comes ...

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Google announced the merger of its two video chat applications, Google Meet, and Google Duo, in June. According to an email from Google's PR department, users will start to notice a shift in the Duo app and website to Google Meet at different times. However, everyone should have received the whole rebrand by September.

The current Google Meet software will be available for a while as Google Meet: The updated Meet app in a Google help post explaining this extremely disturbing scenario. The Google Meet (original) app will only be retained until Google restores the meeting functionality on top of Google Duo; it will eventually be retired.

Both the Meet and Duo video services were developed in response to Google's much more reliable communication rivalry. Originally developed in 2017 as Google Hangouts Meet, a business group video chat tool, Google Meet launched in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, Google Meet remained hidden behind a paywall.

Google Duo and Google Allo were released in 2016 in response to a $22 billion bid between Google and Facebook. After losing, Google spent the following two years developing Google Allo, a WhatsApp clone. Instead of integrating it into the main app, Google created a new app called Google Duo for video chat. At the time, WhatsApp didnt have video chat capabilities.

Allo and Duo developed a one-to-one video chat technology that was efficient throughout long lines. The new app will take the place of Meets 100 million, according to Google in September. It will eventually need to include a pop-up notice urging existing users of the outdated Google Meet app to upgrade.

Javier Soltero, Google's vice president and GM of Google Workspace, has taken over as the company's message unification division in 2020. That should include Google Hangouts, Google Chat, Google Duo, and Google Voice. However, nobody is certain who will replace Soltero in the new, more simplified assortment.

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