Review of Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist Episode 1 and 2: The Deafening Of A Genius

Review of Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist Episode 1 and 2: The Deafening Of A Genius ...

Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist is a Korean historical and medical drama that revolves around a brilliant physician who is now expelled from a palace plot. He finds himself in a village where he meets people who support him in healing his trauma and inspire him to keep moving forward.

The 12-episode program premiered on August 1, 2022, and will continue to air new episodes every Monday and Tuesday at 7 PM KST. Episodes 1 and 2 of Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist have a run time of 76 minutes and 73 minutes respectively.

The IMDb synopsis states:

Yoo Se-Poong is a doctor for the royal family. He is ejected from the royal palace and begins to work in the strange, but beautiful Gyesu Village. There, Yoo Se-Poong meets Seo Eun-Woo and Gye Ji-Han.

-Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist Episode 1 and 2 Review contains spoilers

The King has given him the title of Divine Needles, and things go awry when a battle to kill the King is put on his head. His father also is put to death when he discovers evidence of the King being poisoned.

Witnessing the massacres, the crown prince who is now king discovers a way to exile his friends, leaving the capital but not able to practice acupuncture as he remembers the former king's blood on his hands. He is saved by Seo Eun-woo, who saves him from ever dying.

Se-yeop travels to a village where he meets Gye Ji-han who intervenes when the latter is unable to save a man who is dying. He then advises Se-yeop to visit his clinic so that he may fix his shivering hand but is denied by fate. However, Se-yeop still goes to the clinic when he rescues Eun-woo from her suicide attempt.

Se-yeop then tries to leave but is denied by Ji-han, who demands that he pay. Ji-han allows him to sign a contract that requires him to stay for ten days, but the text soon changes when Se-poong is given a man who struggles with fatigue and a tightrope to earn his living.

Ji-han tells Se-yeop that he will leave once he treats the man, but things do not go as planned because he does not administer acupuncture. The man attempts to walk on the rope but falls. Se-poong exposes himself as a dunce.

By putting the rope and forcing the man to walk on it, he realizes he is doing something right. The man does it and feels like he is walking on a rope that is high above the ground.

Ji-han adds that if he is unable to perform acupuncture, he should look into other approaches to treating people. Se-poong has now to stay there for 20 days to assist him in treating the patients.

The two go to a local police house to check on the lady in the house. Se-yeop tries to leave but is rescued to a room by a maidservant who is yelling for help. There he sees a bleeding Eun-woo and is shocked.

He rushes to help her but again is unable to administer acupuncture, so he runs to bring Ji-han. Ji-han soon stops the bleeding and the lady of the house rushes to them and expresses her thanks for rescuing her daughter-in-law. But Se-yeop notices that things aren't as they seem.

The two return home where the lady staying at the clinic begins calling Se-yeop Poong, which makes everyone wonder. Se-yeop finds himself thinking about Eun-woo as well as Eun-woo's mother-in-law in the background.

Se-yeop glances at the waiting list of patients and arranges them according to the severity of the problem that they are experiencing. Ji-han and his daughter even draws on the signs so that it is easier for the locals to understand.

The granny goes through an episode as she runs around the village with a torch yelling that the barbarians are coming. Se-yeop and Ji-han run behind her and bring her back. She tells Se-yeop that she is experiencing pain in her chest because she is sad.

Se-yeop continues to treat patients who are enthralled by his charming face when Eun-woo is hurriedly brought by her maid. He along with Ji-han begin to treat her when Eun-woo's mother-in-law arrives and attempts to take her away but fails when the two interrupt. Se-yeop doubts that she has been poisoned and checks the medicine that she drank.

Ji-han sends him behind the granny who is fleeing to a house where she leaves flowers and raspberries. He is ashamed but continues to think about this.

Se-yeop discovers that her mother has abandoned his mother's house. Later that night, Eun-woo tries to commit suicide but is stopped by Se-yeop who reveals that he is the man she saved a year ago. He tells her the truth and takes her to the granny for the night.

Eun-woo reveals her sorrow to the granny, revealing that her husband died the day after her wedding and that the only time she saw him was in a casket. Her mother-in-law has been torturing her since then and telling her to commit suicide every day.

Ji-han tells Se-yeop to continue working at his clinic because no other clinic will accept him as he did the next day. Later at breakfast, Se-yeop discovers proof of the poisoning. He rushes to Eun-woos in-laws' house and confronts her mother-in-law.

Episode 2 of Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist Ending

He reveals that Eun-woo substituted onion leaves for a poisonous leaves that looks the same as the one that caused the poisoning. She claims that her younger son would be eligible for employment in the government due to her daughter-in-laws' virtuous nature. He advises her to forget about her ever having her in the family.

Next, he goes to the granny's house and arranges a meeting between the two. Taking the granny and Eun-woo to a place outside the village, the son tells the granny to stop sending any more items to him because she is already dead to him.

Eun-woo stops him and advises him to forget what others around him think and embrace his mother. The granny shows him all of the gifts she has purchased or made for him. The son suffers from shame and asks her forgiveness.

However, she does not go with him to his house and instead returns to the clinic. On the way, Se-yeop tells Eun-woo that from today he will be known as Se-poong, just like the granny calls him.

Eun-woo invites him to a women's event in the village later that evening, and the two have a great time, with Se-poong concealing his identity the whole time. The two take turns on the swing, and Se-poong assures her to be as happy as she has been this evening.

Review of Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist Episode 1 and 2

The program has had a wonderful start and is off to an interesting adventure that is sure to intrigue us with its interesting plot. With our protagonist's post-traumatic stress disorder, how will his career as a physician change? Will he ever be able to administer acupuncture again?

The questions are many and the road ahead is long, so let's stick to this drama and hope for more wonderful episodes!

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Poon the Joseon Psychiatrist episode and 2 have begun the journey of a fallen genius who now begins the next chapter of his life. Read on.

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