Kim Se-jeong and Im Chul-soo, A Chaotic Duo at Today's Webtoon Episode 3!

Kim Se-jeong and Im Chul-soo, A Chaotic Duo at Today's Webtoon Episode 3! ...

Todays Webtoon is a 2022 Korean Coming-of-age Drama based on a Japanese manga namedJuhan Shuttai! by Naoko Matsuda. The series features Kim Se-jeong, Choi Daniel, and Nam Yoon-su in leading roles. The series lasts for 16 episodes and lasts 72 minutes.

Spoilers Are Included in Today's Webtoon Episode 3 Recap

Ma-eum and Jun-yeong are assigned to their artists in Today's Webtoon Episode 3, and Ma-eum is more excited about the job than Jun-yeong. She writes Princess Gumiho, her favourite webtoon, while Jun-yeong is sent texts on messenger.

Ma-eum sends a text to Artist Na asking him if he has been drawing the next episode. She replies that he is busy working on it and gets annoyed when she sends him a text again. Jun-yeong picks up all of her packages first thing and asks him if she was injured. She tells him all of the chronic illnesses she has from sitting in one place for a long time.

Jun-yeong has been chosen by Bbom to be her manager herself because she disliked Kwon's meetings at home because she feels it's the only face-to-face interaction she can have. He talks with Editor Jang who tells him that there is no paradise he wants to go.

Ji-hyung has been asking Ma-eum if she was keeping tabs on Nas' progress and although she said she was, she only texted him once. Na hasnt submitted his draft yet and the next episode is scheduled to air tonight. Ma-eum arrives at Na's studio and finds him all shocked because his girlfriend has left him. He promises him to find her if he completes a new episode before the deadline.

Episode 3 of Today's Webtoon comes to an end.

Ma-eum learns about Han-seuls' location from her live broadcast and rides her scooter to find her and bring her back. Ji-hyung gets irritated at her for making such a decision by herself and not keeping him in the loop. Jang Man-chul has refused to let Jun-yeong leave his team because he believes it is possible that Jang's team will lose ground.

Ma-eum brings back his girlfriend the next day, causing Nas webtoon to a halt. He has not asked for an interview with another company because he doesn't want to risk his life. She reads all of the comic books that Jang mentioned.

Ma-eum realizes that she was only wishing Na from the outside but she must join Na and help him win, like a team. Na was displeased with her for describing his previous episodes as dull but she visits him again and asks him to revise the next episode a day before it goes up. Na declines but she is determined to get it done by him.

Review of Today's Webtoon Episode 3

Todays WebtoonEpisode 3 demonstrates how difficult it is to compose a webtoon and how much an artist must labor to keep it going. Like Ji-hyung, the more pain an artist goes through to compose a webtoon, the more it delights readers to read.

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In Today's Webtoon Episode 3, Kim Se-jeong becomes a Webtoon producer but has to deal with the most difficult artist.

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