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- 28082017: 1583 Billion for a Shipping Container By 2028 | CAGR: 120%: Grand View Research, Inc

- 28082017: 1583 Billion for a Shipping Container By 2028 | CAGR: 120%: Grand View Research, Inc

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The global economy is booming. The market size of the shipping container market is expected to be the size market value. According to a new report, Grand View Research, Inc., expanding at 12% from 2020 to 2028 to reach USD 15,83 billion by 2027, and expanding to 12.0% by 2020. . The demand for specialized shipping containers is expected to drive the export market, thanks to the expansion of the e-commerce industry, digitization in shipping container space, and the increased demand of military troops for shipping cargo.

Key Insights & Findings:

  • By product, ISO containers generated a revenue of USD 6,28 billion in 2020. The market share of the ISO container market mainly accounted for a higher share in the export market.
  • According to the growing demand for temperature-controlled transportation for pharmaceutical, food and agricultural products, the market will continue to increase by 2028, and the demand to import and import food, or agricultural goods.
  • In 2020, Industrial transport led the application segment by a share of 56,6 % on global shipping containers market. Because of the high share of industrial transport in 2020, the industry share in the segment of exports is owing to the large use of shipping containers to transport industrial raw materials and manufactured goods such as metals, minerals, oil and gas,
  • The Asia Pacific region dominates the market with more than 68,1% of the global revenue in 2020. Asia Pacific was high in the global market because of its strong manufacturing base and robust agricultural exports.
  • The market is very fragmented with the presence of large- and medium-sized international companies as well as small-town players. Large-scale domestic players are also present in the market.

Read a market study report on 166 pages with the TOC on ". By size (20', 40' High Cube), By Flooring, By Application, From Region, And Segment Forecast, 2020 - 2028 (Domain Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report, If Product ( by Grand View Research, a Grandview Research paper, ".

As of 2021, 20' and 40' are the most popular sizes of shipping containers. Although based on application, containers are often manufactured in different sizes, such as 8', 10' and 48' from a size 53 and 53. The demand for transportation of many types of goods, such as food, pharmaceutical, automotive, and agricultural products, will continue to grow.

Trade agreements promote trade between nations and favor the demand for shipping containers. In November 2020, members of the Southeast Asian Nations Association (ASEAN) and five regional partners signed the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) which is the world's largest free trade agreement. Moreover, recently concluded multiple trade agreements, including NAFTA, EVFTA and Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) the United Kingdom are likely to fuel the market's growth.

The significant developments in commercial vessels and the innovation of high-tech cargo ships equipped with advanced technologies such as navigation systems, advanced sensors and other components are fueling the demand for cargo transportation through ships, which fuels the growth of the market.

The global e-commerce industry witnessed an exponential surge in the last few years. Apart from the increasing penetration of smartphones and the internet, especially in developing regions, it is anticipated to fuel the growth of the 'e.commerce' industry Due to the growing online retail market, the transportation industry will continue to grow rapidly. It is expected that the shipping container market will benefit from the growth of the transport industry in the foreseeable future. .

Grand View Research segmented the global shipping container market report by product, type, size, flooring, application, and region: product; type; size; category; geographic and geographical regions; product and market segments; global container markets; and

  • Export Container Product Outlook (Volume, Thousand Units; Revenue, USD Thousand, 2017 - 2028) (Transport Container Shipping Container, Product Reports (Money, Volume, Million Unit, Dollars, 2001
    • ISO Containers are ISO containers.
    • Containers with non-standard containerisation are containers with unstandardized containerization.
  • Shipping Container Type Outlook (Volume, Thousand Units; Revenue, USD Thousand, 2017 - 2028) (Transport Container, Shipping Terminal, Yokohama) / (Return, Volume, Million Unit;
    • Dry containers are used in dry containers.
    • Reefer Containers contain several reusable containers.
    • Tank container containers are a container of tanks.
    • Others
  • The Shipping Container size Outlook (Volume, Thousand Units; Revenue, USD Thousand, 2017 - 2028) (PDF, Volum, Dollar Dollar, 2017.
    • Containers with 20 oz.
    • Containers 40 m long.
    • Host Cube Containers and High-Cube Container Container.
    • Other items
  • Shipping Container Flooring Outlook (Volume, Thousand Units; Revenue, USD Thousand, 2017 - 2028) (Mercum, Volume, Marchee; Thousand Dollars, 2017, x 20 28)
    • Wood
    • Bamboo
    • Metal metal
    • Vinyl
    • Other items
  • - 2028) Shipping Container Application Outlook (Volume, Thousand Units; Revenue, USD Thousand, 2017 / 20 28) (Returns, Dollars) and Shipping container application Outlook, (volumen, volume
    • Consumer goods Transport.
    • Transportation for industrial transport
    • Food transport
    • Other parts
  • Shipping Container Regional Outlook (Volume, Thousand Units; Revenue, USD Thousand, 2017 - 2028) (Voum, Volume, Million Unit, ft.
    • North America
      • The United States has the US state of the art.
      • Canada
      • Mexico Mexico
    • Europe
      • Germany
      • The United States is a swath of the United Kingdom.
      • France
      • Italy
      • Spain
    • Asia Pacific Pacific Asia Pac Pacific
      • China
      • India
      • Japan Japan
      • Australia
    • Central & South America - / south America, 3/ 2/ % of Central and/or South American,//...
      • Brazil
      • MEA
      • UAE

The Shipping Container Market lists the key players on the list of the shipping container market.

  • Bertschi AG
  • Gas tanks from BNH are a few miles away from the station.
  • Bulkhaul Limited, Ltd.
  • Danteco Industries BV - Dantesco / vsd dantec odolda stdycovdnitycznyy z
  • Newport Tank Tank NewPort Tank!
  • A.P. Moller - Maersk & Maerk.
  • China International Marine Containers (Group) Ltd. China international containers Ltd Ltd is a group of China Maritime Container Container (China International Container Terminals) & China Container Corporation (K&M) Limited.
  • Co., Ltd. COSCO SHIPPING Development Co Ltd
  • CXIC Group
  • Singamas Container Holdings Limited is a Slingam container holdings.
  • TLS Offshore Containers/TLS Special Container / TL Offload Container Retention Centers (STP)/TLS Special Containers.
  • W&K Containers, Inc.
  • Thurston Group Limited.
  • OEG
  • Sea Box, Inc.
  • Norcomp Nordic AB - NORDO Nordic.

Browse through the coverage of Grand View Research. Plastics, Polymers and Resins Industry: Global Plastic, Global & Industrial:

  • North America Chemical Tanker Shipping MarketNorth America's chemical tanker shipping market size was valued at 259.2 billion in 2016. The increase in North American chemical export combined with the rise of demand for plastic feedstock will boost the growth during the forecast period.
  • U.S. Cold Chain Packaging MarketThe U U-S Cold chain packaging market size was valued at USD 3.04 billion in 2017 and is expected to register a CAGR of 14.1% from 2018 to 2025.
  • The global chemical tanker shipping market size sat a 2 072.6 billion USD in 2016. The high concentration of chemical production and the growing demand across the globe contribute to market growth.

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