LUCK [2022] Movie Explained: Will Sam assist Hazel in locating her long-lost family?

LUCK [2022] Movie Explained: Will Sam assist Hazel in locating her long-lost family? ...

Luck, a brand-new animated family film, is now available on Apple TV+. Made in collaboration with Skydance Animation, Apple hopes to compete against Pixar for the highly coveted title of best-in-class animated film. The actors portray a wide spectrum of characters, including flying pigs, leprechauns, and a stunning pink dragon.

Sam Greenfield, an awkward 18-year-old orphan who has just recently begun to live freely, finds a penny after eating a panini with a black cat and wishes to give it to Hazel for her other good luck charms to assist in her adoption. The penny is easily flushed down the toilet, though.

Sam discovers the cat once more and laments her mistake. The cat then chastises Sam for losing the penny. Through a gateway, Sam and Bob agree to give Bob another penny for Hazel, which he will be expelled if anyone discovers he lost it.

After a tragedy at the Penny depot, Sam and Bob go to the In-Between, where Jeff, a unicorn, lives. The Randomizer, another device that sends both good and bad luck into Earth, feeds the Bad Luck Apparat, which prevents bad luck specks from staying. Sam decides to pay for the penny in the hopes of rescuing Bob.

Bob and Sam, who still want to assist Hazel, decide to turn off the Bad Luck Apparat for a while in order to prevent bad luck from entering the Randomizer, ruining the good luck and bad luck stones in the Randomizer, and ultimately bring terrible luck to both the Land of Luck and Earth.

As the film nears its conclusion, Sam and Bob go to a tavern where they are given a jar of good luck. Rootie instructs Babe that she should get two good luck stones rather than one bad luck stone. Both the lands and the luck return to normal once Sam accepts her mistake. Hazel finds her new parents at home.

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