Apple's next entry level iPad is shown in leaked renders

Apple's next entry level iPad is shown in leaked renders ...

In a set of computer renders, Apple's upcoming 10th-gen iPad or iPad 2022 has been leaked. The published materialshint outlines several customizations to expect from Apple's entry-level iPad. However, it does not confirm if USB-C will replace the Lightning port that was first reported two months ago.


The iPad 2022's back has an odd oval-shaped camera island, while the smaller hole may be a microphone inclusion. Both the volume rocker and the power button are equally flat.

Because the port is obscured with a red mark, we cannot tell whether the upcoming iPad will finally depart from the Lightning standard. Apple's most recent iPad Pro tablets have now adopted the more powerful USB-C.

iPad 2022's other features and availability

The iPad 2022 will have a faster A14 chipset that will allow for better performance and longer battery life. Apple is scheduled to release the next iPad lineupsometime in September or October. Moreover, the iPadOS 16 release will be postponed until October, thus it makes sense for the company to release its software and hardware at the same time.

Amazon has now reduced the price of the iPad Air 2022.

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