The director of Thor: Love and Thunder teases Marvel Studios plans for Hercules

The director of Thor: Love and Thunder teases Marvel Studios plans for Hercules ...

Thor: Love and Thunder's post-credit stinger seemed to be a return to form for the Marvel Studios franchise, as Russell Crowes Zeus survived having his own lightning bolt shot through his chest, and sent his son out to kill Thor for what he has done. The son hes talking to is non-other than Brett Goldstein.

Many thought the article might hint at the next Thor film, yet Taika Watiti, the director of Love and Thunders, believes the group may have other intentions for the Greek demigod. He pointed out that his inclusion was an idea from Marvel Studios directly, and that hell most likely wouldn't be invited to participate in.

And then [Louis DaEsposito?] is like, weare gonna introduce Hercules, and um, that made no sense to me, I didnat even know that was a Marvel character, but uma It was good, I know itas opening up a whole new thing, uh, which I wonat be invited to come and be a part of, but I am glad for everyone who loves Greek Gods.

That last sentence sounded like a slap at many who have openly dissatisfied with his adaptation of the popular Norse God of Marvel myth. The more humorous direction has rubbed quite a few wrong ways, and it seems to continue to stand out among the already comedy-heavy Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It's a mystery how he'll get on with the franchise, especially when it comes to the last film's conclusion. No matter what direction they may take, the future for Marvel Studios is filled with opportunities and new characters.

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