Eminem was once ready to face Suge Knight

Eminem was once ready to face Suge Knight ...

Bang Em Smurf, a native Queens man and former G-Unit member, has been talking a lot lately. The rapper recently shared that Eminem almost killed disgraced music executive Suge Knight.

Bang Em, who shared a video with 9 Side Entertainment, said the former CEO of Death Row Records once showed up to a50 Centsvideo shoot for In Da Club. Bang Em Smurf, who was getting his haircut at the time and smoking tons of weed, said he received a call from Sha Money XL telling him Knight was on the set.

I ran inside first because he said in the trailer that I'm getting a haircut and sh*t! We're smokin Cali [inaudible] so Im super high. I hung up on the n-gga because I'm thinking he's telling me rush back to the set like they're ready to shoot. Suge Knight is on the set!

I threw the cape off and sh*t. We all runnin and sh*t because it's a big ass L.A. studio [] I see Ace and Ace first, too. Im starstruck at the time cause this is my first time seeing Suge [] I'm surprised that you're about to kill you n-gga, so I ran inside like, Yo, Suge outside. He's my Connecticut n-gga Dream. So if Im lying,

Suge was outside, someone who shouldn't be kept waiting. The obvious question was what they should do next. That is when fear set in, but action still needed to be taken as Bang Em continued to tell the story.

I jumped to the side, like, Yo, this n-gga Suge outside. What do you want me to do? Blow his head off? he continues. Because I already knew if I killed him, I would have been playing like I was scared for my life.

Smurf bought a 24 board, but was told to put it down. Then he said to Knight, Yo, and Suge, What's poppingpin?! just to let him know he wasn't intimidated.

They watched all of these New York goons blow on a cigar and sh*t, took three pulls, blew that sh*t in the air, dropped the cigar on the floor and stepped on it, he said.

Eminem came back with the vest. Dre wasnt outside, but Eminem was out. I guess they had to protect their breadwinner. Eminem put on his vest and ran back outside with us. Shout out to Eminem.

Although it isn't surprising that a known ruffian like Suge was willing to sacrifice, Bang Em Smurf said rap legend Eminem came out to see Knight in a bulletproof vest. He was only willing to do it because he believed Knight's reputation in the rap community would merit his sacrifice.

Bang Em Smurf said he would return to his people once he was clear on what was going on. Though ready to fight, he said he was struck by Suge Knights' legacy.

It was like a standoff, according to someone who was filming the In Da Club video. And I remember Smurf or 50 was like, Whats up man? Whatchu wanna do? It was just some LA-style sh*t.

Smurf felt confident in his decision to join the Cali Blood due to his participation not only with his G-Unit guys, but with his Connecticut folk and the Shadyville guys. However, when he ran up to 50 Cent to get the approval, theGet Rich or Die Tryinrapper was kind to him, telling him with a laugh to keep it down.

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