Lady Gagas Dognapper is sentenced to four years in jail

Lady Gagas Dognapper is sentenced to four years in jail ...

Ryan Fischer, a Lady Gagas dog walker, was shot on February 24 while walking three of the singer's dogs. Fischer survived, and later disclosed that his lung collapsed many times and that he was experiencing trauma as a result of the incident. Gagas dognapper was recently sentenced to four years in prison in a surprise plea.

According to Rolling Stone, Lala Gagas, a former dog walker who ran into one of his attackers, confessed to the incident that nearly killed him as Jaylin White, the defendant, accepted a surprise plea and was sentenced to four years in jail.

Fischer described the catastrophic nerve damage caused by a bullet that sliced through his upper right torso. He also explained how doctors had to remove a portion of his lung because it kept collapsing. He said he still has respiratory and mobility problems.

Nevertheless, the mental and emotional trauma you suffered that night have become much more severe.

Fischer was sobbed as he said that since White and two other assailants, James Jackson and Lafayette Whaley, attacked him on a Los Angeles street early last year and stole Lady Gagas' beloved French bulldogs Gustav and Koji, he has been unable to continue his once-thriving animal care business. On Wednesday, White pleaded no contest to second-degree robbery under a deal in which prosecutors dropped two other charges relating to attempted murder and conspiracy.

Judge Richard Kemalyan approved the terms of the transaction and sentenced White on the spot, giving him three years in prison for the robbery conviction and an additional year for a firearms enhancement because another defendant was armed. Now when Fischer tries to take care of dogs, he is worried something will happen to them.

I've lost all of my money. Im in deep credit card debt, and I've become dependent on the kindness and donations of strangers, friends, and relatives to survive.

Fischer said his mother planned to go to court on Wednesday, but could not afford a plane ticket. Others, he said, seem to have abandoned me in my distress in the past. He said he hasnt seen Gagas dogs in over a year, and it's hard to know why.

I miss them every day. They were my whole life. You took my purpose, and I would have been lost without it, he told White, adding that he hopes that both of them would find solutions to their difficulties in the future.

I promise to live a fulfilled life that serves others and myself, and that is my wish for you. If you wish to make amends, please do so. Give yourself permission to live a life of purpose and service those around you. It will mean more to me than any kind of time that you give.

White hung his head as Fischer remarked. After passing the sentence, the judge stated that White would be given credit for 533 days already served or earned through good behavior. He was ordered to return on September 20th for another pre-trial hearing. Jackson is still on the run after being erroneously released from a Los Angeles jail in April due to a clerical error.

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