Amid fears about cancellation, the Flash film receives a promising update from WB

Amid fears about cancellation, the Flash film receives a promising update from WB ...

The DCEU's spiral continues to be stronger than ever. In the past week, Warner Bros. Discovery shocked the cinema-going world by completely cancelingBatgirl, a film that was still in development. This has prompted questions to surface about nearly every upcoming DC project, with fans wondering whether The Flash,Aquaman, andShazamare are safe.

In recent months, rumors about aFlashcancelation have risen, as film star Ezra Miller is in legal trouble. Many have speculated that Warner Bros. might reconsider the release of the Scarlet Speedster's solo film, either refining the final cut or completely canceling it.

The studio has finally made a statement after a brief radio silence on what WB has planned for Barry Allen and his company.

The Flash is still alive and well.

Despite recent shake-ups, Warner Bros.Discovery CEO David Zaslav assured investors that DC films like The Flash are still on the way.

Zaslav said he's seen Flash, Black Adam, and Shazam 2, and that the company is "very enthused about them:"

"We have seen Flash, Black Adam, and Shazam 2, and we are very pleased about them." We agree with them. We think they are fantastic, and we believe we may make them even better.

Flash fans may rest easy... for the time being.

The Flash as well as the other listed DC films seems to be safe from the WB axfor now. Ezra Miller's solo film is still almost a year away, and as fans have discovered this past week, a lot can happen very quickly in the DCEU.

The Flash is becoming more and more like a mandatory movie for Warner Bros. because it supposedly serves as a reset point for this huge-screen-costumed canon. No matter the legal difficulties its star becomes involved in, WB feels that they must have this film released so they may put the last nearly decade of films in the rearview and move forward.

After he claims to have seen films like Flash, Black Adam, andShazam 2, Zaslav says there is still time to "make them even better." This might involve minor tweaks in the post-production process, but it might also have a deeper meaning.

This could lead to further reshoots for the project, ousting Ezra Miller from the DCEU's future, or even a complete redesign of the universe (opening the door to a whole new one). Zaslav and a few other WB executives aren't aware of what he's talking about when it comes to The Flash.

The Flashis will be released in theaters on June 23, 2023.

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