Morbius Matt Smith Gets Sick About Marvel's Flop

Morbius Matt Smith Gets Sick About Marvel's Flop ...

Morbius, starring Jared Leto and Matt Smith, was delayed for more than two years before going into cinemas, earning only $160 million at the worldwide box office.

Morbius was described by fans as an absolute abysmal film from every aspect of the filmmaking process, and the film became a trending topic due for the worst reasons imaginable.

Jared Leto, a leading actor, has received the majority of criticism from the acting side, although he's mostly taken it in stride by participating in fan discussions about some of the most outrageous information from the film's release. Now, Matt Smith, his co-star, has joined the discussion by revealing his thoughts about what transpired during this film's disastrous theatrical run.

Matt Smith Discusses the Morbius Experience

Matt Smith, who plays Morbius, spoke with Rolling Stone to discuss his thoughts on what occurred in Sony Pictures' latest superhero film.

While he admits that critics and viewers threw the film under the bus, he has also accepted that it's just something that he and his co-stars "have to roll with."

It was thrown under the bus.But you just have to keep going with it. What else are you gonna do if you don't want to save people? At the end of the day, films aren't supposed to save people. For whatever reason, it doesn't quite work out, and it is what it is.

After a fan surprised him with the widely popular "It's Morbin' Time" meme, Smith spoke briefly about the film at a recent House of the Dragon Q&A session at San Diego Comic-Con.

Smith was left confused, exclaiming, "What?" The Morbin' meme was then explained to fans who liked the film, to which Smith replied that the fan saw a completely different film.

Due to his involvement in the House of the Dragons, Smith was also asked what it would be like for his Morbius character, Milo, to live in Westeros. He admitted that Milo would be difficult for him to live in that world as a vampire:

He is a vampire, so he would have to deal with it. Im glad you saw a totally different movie than I did.

Morbius is still seen as a massive flop.

Matt Smith did his best to keep his hopes that this Spider-Man spin-off would be able to expand far beyond what he and Jared Leto achieved in their first film. However, as the film is now out in the world and at the mercy of hostile fans who saw what Sony produced, even he admits that things didn't go according to plan.

Smith wasn't necessarily the biggestreason that Morbius became a critical and financial failure, but his performance wasn't nearly enough to sway its release.

Being a veteran in the movie industry, he accepted that the film was not what everyone expected, while not lingering too much on the negative aspects that surrounded its release. Whether or not he will return to any superhero projects in the future, is a mystery, but he certainly has the best opinion about how badly things went with this event.

Morbius is now available on digital and physical media.

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