VFX Studios in Phase 5 and 6 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are reported to be depressed

VFX Studios in Phase 5 and 6 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are reported to be depressed ...

Marvel Studios has had a wonderful time as a fan of the franchise. Names such as Thunderbolts, Fantastic Four, andAvengers: Secret Wars were revealed at the event.

However, Marvel has had to contend with challenges in recent weeks. These included VFX artists expressing the frustration they experience working on Marvel Studios projects, as well as a culture of underworking amongst other below-the-line roles.

What do these same artists think of Marvel Studios' Comic-Con announcements? Well, spoilers, they aren't as excited as the fanbase is.

Depressed Over MCU Phase 5 and 6

AVFX artist who has worked with Marvel in the past revealed that the industry is not all that interested in the recent MCU Phase 5 and 6 announcements.

The composer, who worked on The Avengersback in 2012, said that "the entire industry seems a bit depressed" about Marvel Studios' next slate because of the "insane amount of work it will be:"

The entire industry seems to be a bit depressed following Marvel's Phase Five and Six announcement, specifically because to the extent of work it will take on its own.

The veteran VFX artist then said Marvel is "not the appealing client they used to be," noting the "burnout" that is settling in.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is Not That Popular

Despite the fact that such things are difficult for fans, it does not make them any less important. Many will be quick to dismiss the opinions of these industry experts because they might strip the shine from something they cherish so dear.

Aber everyone should pay attention to what is said here. This isn't the first time the VFX industry has sought help from Marvel Studios, and it will likely not be the last.

These visual effects artists are the glue that holds a lot of these movies together in this age of CG-heavy mega-blockbusters. If they are unsatisfied, the films simply will not be released. It may mean postponing a few selected titles, but if it gave the effects teams longer to work on each project, it might ultimately be beneficial to everyone.

Or, the burnout continues, putting the industry as a whole at jeopardy.

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