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The data storage protocol for Claire AI will go live on the day of the release

The data storage protocol for Claire AI will go live on the day of the release

HONG KONG, Sept. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The Claire Project, whose expertise is applied to the AI storage protocol knowledge graph, will go live soon. Using blockchain technology, the first of its kind, it creates a decentralized, co-constructed, shared, distributed, highly secure, and trusted knowledge graph collaboration platform. The project permits the global knowledge community to share the value of knowledge graph data to a new level and realize the final goal of "data as value" when the Internet enters its next phase of evolution.

The Internet has been around for nearly 30 years, and is growing rapidly and evolving. The medium's growth has been hindered by the transition from Internet 1.0 to Internet 3.0. Online users are constantly concerned about user data breaches, asset and account information theft, among other data security issues.

The emergence of the Claire Project will not only remove the dependency of traditional internet knowledge graphs on central servers, but also, in meaningful way, break up the monopoly of big data-based companies when it comes to datagraphic primitive

The Claire Project focuses on data storage and data value equivalence.

The first distributed storage protocol for AI data is the open source protocol. By integrating IPFS storage technology, Token incentive mechanism and DAO governance model, it creates four types of trust storage, trusted incentives, trust governance and trusted finance. The project also combines AI data screening and processing collaboration networks for a fully autonomous network community, with effective value data to provide the necessary support for commercial applications at scale.

Secondly, since the first start of the project, the team realized that, in the long-term, as a result of decades of development since first the Internet began, systood the storage market became saturated,

Thirdly, a lower entry barrier makes the Claire Project easier accessible to users. In the knowledge graph, collaboration scenarios of the AI-defined system, anyone can be a node on Claire by pledging based on ten or five centimetres of CLRs (Claire tokens).

Fourthly, information and data on the Internet are fragmented and mostly based on small files and micro-data generated by high-frequency micro collaborations. This is what Claire wants.

The ecosystem in the Claire ecosystem is expanding steadily, bolstered by a series of industry chain ecosystems surrounding the ecosystem, such as mining machines, mines, mining pools, cloud computing power, Cloud storage and cloud mining equipment

The transition from the ecological to the value of the internet to a technological innovation, considering the exponential growth of Internet knowledge graph data, the importance of ensuring data reliability, security and efficient storage access will be able to challenge anyone who interact The launch of Claire also provides a pioneering reference for the next phase of the Internet's evolution.

Project SOURCE-Clean Project: SESSCE Claire.

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