The Best Resident Evil Villain Has Been Added To Dead By Daylight

The Best Resident Evil Villain Has Been Added To Dead By Daylight ...

Due to a new set of leaked assets, Dead By Daylight will now include three familiar Re characters; both of whom have been buffed; and the new progression system is expected to make it easier for players to experiment with new character builds. As such, Dead By Daylight will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and iOS.

A new set of leaked information hints towards the reintroduction of three iconic RE characters has made speculation a little more credible. Rebecca Chambers, Ada Wong, and Albert Wesker have all joined Fortnite's long-lost and somewhat deranged spiritual relative.

All three characters were revealed during Behaviour Interactives look-ahead showcase of a future update called Resident Evil: Project W. Of course, Wesker, the Mastermind, will play the role of Killer, while two other heroines will join the crew that is attempting to avoid the Killer and survive the encounter while attempting to help others. However, it isnt likely that evading a super-virus infected Wesker will be a breeze.

Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers will not be the only Resident Evil characters who have joined the cast, as well as the Nemesis. The Racoon City Police Station was also added, so one can expect quite a few Resident Evil characters to visit Dead by Daylight in the future, despite the absence of an official release date.

The Hooked On You spin-off, which consists of many Dead By Daylight murderers, has just been released. There is no actual combat involved, only romance and smooches, as well.

After weeks of testing on public servers, a new progression system was recently added to Dead By Daylight. Both updates include a list of new Killer weapons as well as a revamped perk system, which aims to make the game more enjoyable for players who want to try out new character creation.

Behaviour Interactive clarified that the new progression system does not delete any existing benefits, items, or cosmetics that were previously unlocked, even if they do not comply with the new progression rules. With the addition of Killers, we're all relegated to the previous situation. Also announced are a few other projects, such as build-and-defend and raid-and-steal Meet Your Maker.

Dead By Daylight is currently available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Stadia, Android, iOS, and PC.

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