HBO Max Will Be Coupled With Discovery+

HBO Max Will Be Coupled With Discovery+ ...

The Warner Bros Discovery acquisition leaves many wondering what will happen to the upcoming seasons of the company. Some believe the combined service will serve as a tax write-off rather than a standalone streaming platform like HBO Max.

The Warner Bros. Discovery acquisition has left many wondering what will happen to the upcoming movies and shows due to the company's significant shakeups and changes, including the addition of HBO Max and Discovery+. The two will be combined as a single streaming platform, giving subscribers full access to both of the platforms content catalogs during the summer of 2023. Latin America, Europe, and other countries will aim for launches in late 2023 and early 2024.

According to CEO David Zaslavs' announcement, the merging of these two services is their top streaming goal in terms of their streaming plans. The completed Batgirl film was due to be released on HBO Max, and the film had already spent $90 million on production. Along with this, Warner Bros Discoverys also abandoned Scoob!: Holiday Haunt, which was still in development.

The ending of Batgirl and Scoob!: Holiday Haunt are the most recent and surprising decisions made by Warner Bros Discovery since the merger. Shows have been canceled before their season premieres, scripted programming on TBS and TNT has been removed, and six HBO Max exclusive films have been removed from the platform. There are also rumors that HBO may decide to focus more on unscripted series rather than scripted series.

HBO Max may be rethinking its kids and family programming, according to an earlier tweet this week. While all of these measures may save money, they may dilute the value of HBO Max customers. Many HBO Max subscribers are likely to pay to receive DC films and shows, HBO shows, and other exclusive scripted content in the near future.

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