Netflix Is Crushing A Will Smith Time Travel Film

Netflix Is Crushing A Will Smith Time Travel Film ...

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones were not allowed to return for the third year in a row because they had a great deal of success in the Men in Black franchise. While the film is a box office marvel, Men in Black 3 is a box office bargain.

It would have seemed impossible to imagine that anything would jeopardize Will Smiths reputation as one of the most popular multi-hyphenate entertainers in living memory. He had ruled the worlds of television (with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air), pop music (we all got Jiggy with various things), and blockbuster film (take your pick). Today, however, Will Smith is in the top ten most streamed films on Netflix, which just highlights his continued, if diminutive, dominance.

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones were brought back for the third and so far final time in this installment of the Men in Black franchise, which had tested the public's tolerance for Johnny Knoxville in a scripted role and found it lacking. In the years between Men in Black films, Will Smith had big successes like Bad Boys II, forgotten but lucrative films like Sharks Tale, and a few attempts to wreak havoc on audiences.

Will Smith returns in Men in Black 3, playing Agent J, the smart-mouthed partner of Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones in unusually grouchy form, even for him). Boris goes back in time to murder his nemesis K before he can thwart an alien invasion in 1969; Tommy Lee Jones disappears in the present, with everyone but Will Smith's memory.

Will Smith goes back in time more than Boris and meets up with the young Agent K (now played by Josh Brolin with an exceptionally good TLJ impression), Nick Cages gets to indulge his desire for unnecessary background noise in the first Men in Black, and somehow his sense of belonging as an everyman becomes a little overt.

Men in Black 3 was created after at least three known script re-writes, which is a risky move for a very time travel-heavy film.

Despite production difficulties and apparent waning interest on the main actors, Men in Black 3 sailed to a staggering $624 million domestic box office. It is also rated by Rotten Tomatoes for the highest amount of praise; it holds 68% for Men in Black II.

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