Prey On Hulu, A Thrillering Prequel Addition To The Venerable Predator Franchise, Can Be Streamed Or Skipped

Prey On Hulu, A Thrillering Prequel Addition To The Venerable Predator Franchise, Can Be Streamed Or ...

Predator, the original Arnold Schwarzenegger-starring game, spawned three direct sequels and two spinoffs into crossover territory that involved the titular mandibled space hunter grappling with the Alien franchise's acid blood xenomorphs. Prey (Hulu), its first prequel, reintroduces the whole concept: there are hunters, and they become the hunted.


Naru (Amber Midthunder) has been a tracker and hunter since she was a child, despite her older brother Taabe (Dakota Beavers)'s traditional hunting abilities. One day, during an impromptu chase of a deer with her trusty dog Sarii, Naru notices a thunderbird. It's time for my kuhtaamia.

Naru tries to persuade the bands young warriors that their wounded colleague wasn't killed by a mountain lion. She also unearths evidence of French fur trappers operating in the area with the tomahawk. She'll need it. When she flushes a grizzly bear and is chased into a mess of branches along the river, she and the grizz witness the Predators' allure.

The French have become aware of the creature, and are committed to trapping and killing it. Naru and her brother are also caught, and she knows the trappers' strategy is full of flaws. It does not want bait, she assures Taabe, as they are shackled to a tree. It doesnt shoot anything like the Predator does.

In the end, it's human innovation that's used against earth's newest hunter, and technology of an even older world.

What Movies Will It Remind You Of? Of course there are plenty of Predator films to choose from. But Prey is the first film in the franchise that fully grasps how simple and effective the original premise was. It eliminates everything unnecessary and gives the singular acts of stalk, hunt, and conquest their due. In that, it matches the 1987 original.

Amber Midthunder (Legion, Roswell, New Mexico) is fantastic as Naru. She is at home in the quiet of the forest, listening and watching. But she can also wield a gibe in two languages, deceive an extra-terrestrial raised in a culture of hunter-killers, and fight off five or six french murderous trappers with a pilfered dagger and her rope-fed tomahawk.

Memorable Dialogue: If it bleeds, we can kill it. Prey is proud to trace the franchise's beginnings directly, drawing on Arnold Schwarzenegger's finest lines in Predator's bold actions.

None. Sex and skin

The predator series' weapons and encounters of this era are woven into the larger narrative, which is that the creature who hunted Schwarzenegger and his crew in the jungles of Central America was certainly not the only Predator earth had ever seen. Others have handled this in less subtle ways, but Prey discovers its true connection through tact and a nod to how legends are created.

STREAM IT. Prey restores the Predator franchise to what it was meant to be, incorporating the same classic gameplay and weapons as its titular galactic hunter against an inspiring, new game prey.

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