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Payroll Provider joins StandardC Network for Cannabis-related businesses

Payroll Provider joins StandardC Network for Cannabis-related businesses

StandardC is pleased to announce the addition of a leading payroll and benefits provider to its growing network of banking, lending, insurance and financial services that are available to compliant cannabis businesses.

"Until now, the cannabis industry has had limited payroll and benefits solutions, leading to a host of problems, from the inability to process dozens of direct deposits for their employees to the failure to timely pay payroll taxes. Despite our technology and expertise, the national payroll provider has the capacity to meet the growing needs of the cannabis industry," said Robert Mann, Founder of StandardC.

This payroll processing partnership adds outstanding features to the cannabis industry, including direct deposit, automated payroll tax calculation, payment, filing, accounting system integration, online employee access and self-service, labor distribution and job costing. Other key features include HR information system, employee onboarding, recruiting / applicant tracking, job board integrations, ACA compliance, COBRA, Cal Savers data feeds and benefits administration with carrier connections. Cannabis companies now have access to time and attendance monitoring that satisfies state wage and hour requirements and monitors employee covid vaccination and testing status. Our new partner can provide full-outsourced payroll and HRallowing the cannabis industry to expand and scale by focusing on its core functions. Employers are facing increased federal, state, and local HR mandates, plus federal and state cannabis industry laws and regulations. The new partner has a dedicated cannabis consulting and service team ready to assist the cannabis industry at standard prices. This isn't an overcharging industry.

StandardC helps cannabis-related businesses with much more than payroll with its proprietary universal application for banking, insurance, lending and payroll services. "Partnering with StandardC helps entrepreneurial companies to scale and reach their potential in the market," said Erin Gore, CEO and Founder of the Garden Society. StandardC is solving a major dilemma for many of us, by transforming the cannabis industry's financial services and automating the financial institutions' regulatory obligations.

The cannabis banking problem was solved by the standardCRichard Laiderman, Pooya Sarabandi, PhD, and Robert Mann founded StandardC to solve the cannabis-related problems. As the leadership team has grown, Robert Baron, a cannabis expert and Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist, and Teveia Barnes, Esq., former Commissioner of the California Department of Financial Institutions.

StandardC can support and facilitate banking, lending, payments, insurance, payroll and armored transport in a compliant cannabis ecosystem. Standard C simplifies the business development and execution of the enterprise and the entire cannabis community.

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