The Wedding Season on Netflix Demonstrates that the Fake Dating Trope Never Gets Old

The Wedding Season on Netflix Demonstrates that the Fake Dating Trope Never Gets Old ...

There is yet another Netflix fake dating film to promote. It's called Wedding Season, and while it will not win any Oscars, it does deliver on that old-fashioned pattern of two nerdy people who agree to date one another but then fall in love. And Netflix knows that's exactly what you're after.

From The Proposal to While You Were Sleeping, pretended relationships have long been a popular romantic comedy trope. Then, of course, by spending lots of time together and perhaps even a fake kiss, two people fall in love for real. Its just something endlessly compelling about dating without any physical attraction.

The trend for fake relationships has really taken off in recent years, perhaps in part to Netflixs hugely popular adaptation ofTo All the Boys Ive Loved Before. From The Perfect Date in 2019 to Purple Hearts, which was released last week on Netflix, there's no shortage of fake relationships. And now, the latest entry, Wedding Season, will remind viewers why they can't get enough.

Pallavi Sharda plays Asha as a girl boss/human disaster named Tom Dey. She has recently called off an engagement, and her Indian mother has begun to harass her about her love life. She agrees to date Ravi, who is played by Suraj Sharma from Life of Pi. They both have a date for wedding season, so they won't have to deal with more unpleasant situations.

Asha and Ravi begin dating together, and their parents are both relieved that they have found someone. As they get to know each other and the walls begin to crumble, they begin to fall for each other. They skip the part where a miscommunication leads both parties to assume the other isnt interested, and hook up halfway through the film because Asha doesn't want to hear it from her sister.

Is this a great film? Not particularly! But is it a pleasure to watch? You bet. It doesnt matter how many times Netflix makes this movie, because the fake dating trope will never go away.

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