Deb Chubb is the clear MVP for Love Island USA Season 4

Deb Chubb is the clear MVP for Love Island USA Season 4 ...

On Love Island, it is difficult to stand out because the reality dating program has so many smoking hot singles who are willing to mingle on a near-nightly basis, which makes the cast sort of blur together into a haze of blond hair, abs, and popped bottles. I like to think of myself as a goldfish when watching Love Island, in that I can only remember the person who is on the screen at any moment.

Deb Chubb is not a joke, and she is not a character in Love Island USA. Deb Chubb is a character in Love Island USA.

Deb was undoubtedly clear from her first interview back in the Love Islands premiere as a Peacock original that she would be the MVP of Season 4.

Deb, who has been single for so long, says Love Island might have to find her a man, then catch herself and says, a nun.

Deb Chubb has a lot of charm (besides her incredible name). The other girls on Love Island tend to exhibit their finest (re: sexiest) behavior at all times. They are there to flirt, look hot, steal men, and have their big emotional moment when their guy is stolen.

Deb is naturally goofy and has zero concern for how she appears on television. She says what she feels right then is often funny. Like when Sydney and Isaiah leave to spend the night in The Hideaway, Deb gives her impression of what Isaiah is probably saying right then: Come on, babe, you've been waiting for 14 days to lose your hair. It's just funny.

Deb immediately enquires when Sydney returns from hiding away.

Deb is fantastic at presenting Peacock with a great opportunity for Love Islands social media.

Deb is a great cook, and I love that when she is asked to prepare a meal for an incoming Islander, she gets immediately irritated because she cannot cook (I am not that adept at following directions) but she says she will put on her thinking pants and do it for the long haul. Chef Boyar-who?

Deb Chubbs' SNL audition tape sounds like Love Island. Are you paying attention, Lorne?

Seriously Deb is naturally funny and she knows how to respond to a camera in the confessional. When she discovers that she will be seeing Jesse, a man who needs to appreciate Deb Chubb for the whole time, she begins to send horny vibes out into the universe.

I hope the universe grants Deb Chubb what she desires, because she merits it more than any of the excellent television she's giving us this summer. Everyone else is a stowaway.

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