Gigi Hadid Is Officially In Her Weird Girl Era

Gigi Hadid Is Officially In Her Weird Girl Era ...

Bella Hadid's early-2000s ugly trends include maxi dresses and skinny scarves, and she's using that same anti-fashion fearlessness to embrace her weird side.

The weird girl aesthetic, according to TikTok, is all about embracing maximalism, layering bright colors, combining different textures and patterns, and putting on kitschy accessories similar to Y2K-era Claires.

Hadid gave her own laid-back energy to the loud pop in New York City's most sought-after neighborhood SoHo. The one-of-a-kind knit sweater vest was designed by Erika Maish and retails for $450.

She wore a two-tone felt bucket hat, circular sunglasses, and a Loro Piana pouch bag, which runs for $1,975. Also, note: a rainbow beaded phone chain that reminds me of summer camp friendship bracelets.

With these strange girl alternatives, Hadids' appearance may be easily recreated.

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