Gen Z Reveals Skate Shoes As The Latest Y2K Trend

Gen Z Reveals Skate Shoes As The Latest Y2K Trend ...

Calling all sk8er bois! The next Y2K throwback trend is for you. From low-rise jeans to toe ring sandals, these are all well-worn skate shoes from the early 2000s.

If you need a refresher, please allow me to set the scene: you are home after school watching Avril Lavigne on TRL, admiring her grungy, emo style. You throw out your butterfly clips because you too are now frantic.

Next thing you know, you're out shopping with your pals, all wearing chunky DC and Etnies sneakers in various colors (none of whom have ever touched an actual skateboard). It's a vibe, you're a rebel, and you play Blink 182 on your iPod Mini to complete the scene.

The Osiris D3 2001 and DC Court Graffik ruled in the early 2000s, ushering in a new wave of skateboard sneakers that were far cry from the Vans Old Skools or Tony Hawks Airwalks of decades past. Celebrities like Avril Lavigne and Ashlee Simpson also became involved in the trend, making the chunky skate shoe a unisex style.

Big skate shoes may be the next throwback style to be revived, thanks to the addition of lug-sole dad sneakers. If past TikTok aesthetics like coastal grandmother, cottagecore, and soft girl are any indicators, a bigger takeover may be in the future.

Bella Hadid has already adapted the look, putting on a grunge, 90s-inspired outfit with black skate shoes with a chunky tongue and that classic puffy silhouette.

Look for full-on puffy skater shoes from the early 2000s or a more traditional and subtle skateboard shoe, and wear these sneakers to live your best skater boi life, while crossing your fingers that jelly bracelets and pacifier jewelry will follow.

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The Osiris Mens D3 2001 is a super-thin, lightweight skate shoe that defined the Y2K skate shoe aesthetic, which was basically bigger = better. Take them for a spin with a minimal look to really let them shine in a Bella Hadid-inspired off-duty manner.

eS Koston 1 sneakers were another skate shoe that ruled the early aughts. To recreate the look in 2022, you can buy the same brands similar Accel Skate Shoe, which has the wide tongue and laces that are critical to the skater shoe look.

In the early 2000s, DC shoes imposed a hard hold on the skater scene. It's a miracle they stayed on their feet.

Etnies are another must-have skateboarding footwear item. If you're going to bring back the chunky skate sneaker, this one must come with it. With a wide, padded tongue and collar, these skateboard shoes are a fantastic way to complete a minimal 90s or grunge outfit.

Although black-on-black styles were common, many skate shoes of the time had bright colors on the tongue or the (sometimes mismatched) laces. Were talking random accents of bright purple, shocking red, or bright blues, without going overboard.

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