In the most unexpected way, Nicola Coughlan has just revealed Derry Girls

In the most unexpected way, Nicola Coughlan has just revealed Derry Girls ...

Clare Devlin, Derry Girls' resident voice of caution, has spawned a loyal following around the globe. However, Bridgerton actor Nicola Coughlan is equally as accident-prone as her tragic schoolmates from the show. The 35-year-old has posted a photo on her Instagram that will warm the hearts of Derry Girlsfans and may confuse those who have yet to see the channel 4 drama.

Coughlan shared a bleak black and white image of a headless Child of Prague figurine during an episode of the show, referring to Clare and her pals' demolition of that very religious monument.

The Child of Prague A flamboyantly dressed Christ-figure as a child first became a household fixture in Ireland in the 18th Century, and all kinds of folklore and legend surrounds the now ubiquitous decoration. Stick one under your wedding tree before you get married, for instance.

The Coughlans tongue-in-cheek reply reintroduces a memorable plot arc from Season 2, in which the Derry Girls seek for revenge after they suspect that their favourite new teacher, the wine-hugging, skilled teacher, has been re-elected. In a bid to reintroduce Sister Michael (Siobhan McSweeney) they come up with a genius and entirely foolproof strategy: kidnapping the nuns' beloved Child of Prague statue and

The Derry Girls slay the Child of Prague when he topples over, but are caught red handed due to an upside down head, and Sister Michael is furious that theyve desecrated a holy statue of the Christ Child. Even as the episode aired in 2019, a large number of amused Irish and Northern Irish viewers wrote in with their own childhood nightmares.

Even Nicola Coughlan has joined the club.

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