Louise from FBoy Island shocked everyone by picking Mercedes in the second season finale

Louise from FBoy Island shocked everyone by picking Mercedes in the second season finale ...

The second season of FBoy Island has come to an end. Audiences spent weeks wondering if the three heads would risk picking the wrong guys and losing their chance at the $100,000 prize. For lead Louise Barnard, the charm of self-proclaimed fboy Mercedes Knox was too appealing to pass up.

Louise's journey into romance with Mercedes was not the easiest of journeys, thanks largely to Mercedes' commitment to his status as a jerk. Later in the season, viewers will recall when he said, "No one has ever played his game the way I have, and probably no one ever will." He then set his sights on Louise, charming her with an onslaught of compliments, claiming that she was "absolutely perfect."

Mercedes made several subtle remarks to Louise that she was a dumb blonde, as well as dropping several not-so-subtle comments that Benedict gave off fboy vibes. However, when it came time to reveal his status, Mercedes had no choice but to declare himself as an fboy, sabotaging much of the friendship and trust he had built with Louise.

Louise was unaware that Mercedes sounded like a completely different person when she was not around. She confronted him at one of the evening parties, saying, "You're going to take the money." Mercedes tried to plead his case, but Louise was uninterested.

Louise chooses Mercedes.

Mercedes found himself in Louise's bottom two at the end of Episode 7, causing him to apologize for his argumentative behavior. Several other male competitors told the cameras that they hoped this would be the end of Mercedes, but Louise canceled a last-second switcheroo and saved him. Episode 8 began with a golf date, where Mercedes said, I could do nothing and still win.

Mercedes and Louise go on a 24-hour date to a waterfall where they rehearsed the seasons drama, and Mercedes began talking about both his and Louise's hearts. She then asked if he was a reformed fboy, which she replied, saying, "I've been through some serious trauma."

Louise continued to ecstaticize her worries before the final ceremony. Mercedes responded by saying, Im not the safest choice, but Im the right one. Ultimately, Louise chose Mercedes, prompting the cameras to cut to a soundbite from Mercedes where he states, Im the best fboy to ever do this game.

Is Louise and Mercedes in a Relationship?

Louise and Mercedes have been very careful not to reveal anything about their current relationship status until the season finale has passed. Fans will likely find out soon if these two are doing well off the island.

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