How To Get Verified On TikTok Here's How To Get Verified

How To Get Verified On TikTok Here's How To Get Verified ...

The likelihood of getting your TikTok creation noticed more frequently than any app before it. As niche communities continue to emerge from the algorithm, more and more users are gaining their fifteen seconds (or 60 seconds, or three minutes) of fame.

The blue verified check is a common ritual for content creators. Although it is intended to just verify your identity (in case you suspect someone is missing), it has also become a major status symbol on social media. On many social media apps like Twitter and Instagram, you may simply request a blue check once you have proved your notability.

Getting verified on TikTok can be quite confusing, much like how the TikTok algorithm works in secret. Even if your blue check is well-deserved, there's no set path to obtaining yours. However, a quick glance at the TikTok verification requirements can at least ensure your ducks are in a row for whenever the divine entity of TikTok verification makes its judgment about you.

How To Get Verified On TikTok

Your best bet is to keep increasing your audience as long as your account is eligible for verification. Don't make your vision board a representation of that fateful, clout-heavy blue check.

TikTok's verification requirements are at least somewhat clear, as can be seen on its support page. The main criteria TikTok seeks for when verifying a user are: active, genuine, complete, notable, and secure.

You must have logged in to TikTok within the previous 6 months to show that your account is active. So, if you're planning to re-evaluate your social media habits before your inevitable TikTok fame era, make sure you're still signed in before you delete the app. Fortunately, TikToks authentic requirement does not require that you have to post sensitive story times or candid vlogs.

This simply implies that your profile is public, and that you have a bio, a name, a profile photo, and a video. Be sure to include your email address in your verification code as well. TikTok requires these precautions in case your account is hacked.

The answer to that question seems to be pretty straightforward, right? There's one requirement for verification that makes the process a bit... vague: being notable. The only criteria TikTok lists for this is that they review accounts featured in many news sources.

So, go get some publicity, but keep in mind that the old adage No publicity is bad publicity does not always apply to TikTok. Once youve completed this checklist of requirements, all you need do is wait. With some patience and some strategic clout, a blue check may be closer in reach than you expect.

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