50 Cent Takes Son Sire, 9, on a Fun Father-Son Trip to Disneyland: Photo

50 Cent Takes Son Sire, 9, on a Fun Father-Son Trip to Disneyland: Photo ...

The 47-year-old rapper took his youngster to Disneyland, where he grew up. The father-son duo were photographed at the Happiest Place on Earth on Wednesday, August 3!

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At the magical Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif., 50 wore a black jersey, a black hat, and white sneakers. Sire, meanwhile, wore a grey T-shirt, green and black shorts, high white socks, and white sneakers.

Sire is truly the focus of his father's attention. 50, who real name is Curtis James Jackson II, has already allowed his son to have incredible opportunities in his lifetime. When he was just two years old, Sire obtained a $700,000 deal with Kidz Safe headphones. 50 has also previously revealed that he has established a trust fund for Sire so that his son may enjoy the wealth when he grows older.

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Unfortunately, the generosity of 50s youngest son,Marquise Jackson, 25, hasn't been extended to his ex-girlfriend, Shaniqua Tompkins, who resides in New Jersey. Marquise told Rap-Up in 2017 about his father's involvement. It kind of dwindled down as time went on.

Marquise and Sire rekindled their feud in 2018, when he hung out with the son of Supreme McGriff, one of the 50s' competitors. In response, thePowerstar said he would not mind if Marquise was hit by a bus. Thankfully, 50 is extremely close with Sire and has no conflicts with his youngest son.

What to Know About 50 Cents' Relationship With His Two Children

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