Chrissy Teigen is expecting a child two years after a devastating miscarriage: See 1st Bump Photos

Chrissy Teigen is expecting a child two years after a devastating miscarriage: See 1st Bump Photos ...

Theravingsauthor wore Gucci's black crop top and tulle underwear as she revealed that she and her husbandJohn Legend,43, are expecting a second child on Wednesday, August 3. After her disastrous 2020 miscarriage and IVF journey, she began expressing her gratitude.

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She explained that she is a legless person so you can see!) We will have another appointment on the way soon, before I declare that I'll get it tomorrow. But then I'm overcome with the knowledge that I'm just too nervous to leave an appointment with more excitement than nerves.

Chrissy had announced in an Instagram post that she would be undergoing IVF to try and conceive again. While she was attempting, she advised people to refrain from mentioning whether or not she was expecting a child. It just kind of sucks to hear because she was the opposite of pregnant.

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Chrissy's harrowing miscarriage in September 2020 came to an end in an uncanny Instagram post. She revealed that she and the singer had named their newbornJack before he was born, and she mourned his death. "I'm so sorry that the first few moments of your life were filled with so many difficulties, that we couldn't give you the house you needed to live," she said at the time.

After a devastating miscarriage, Chrissy received a lot of encouragement from other stars, some of whom sharing their own miscarriages. She wrote a touching letter to the child she lost a year after the fact, saying, "You showed me I could do anything," even if I didnt want to. Our bodies are precious and life is a miracle.

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Chrissy and John already have two children, a sonMiles, 3, and daughter Luna, 6, as shown in recent photos of the kids attending a wedding with their parents.

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