The Bears Jeremy Allen White is a private breakfast chef for his daughters

The Bears Jeremy Allen White is a private breakfast chef for his daughters ...

Imagine a world where Carmy from The Bear would be your private chef. This is the reality Jeremy Allen White's two daughters are living in on a daily basis. Yes, the actor behind everyone's internet crush-of-the-moment, Carmy, is making his two little girls breakfast every day. And while he admits his products are nothing fancy, I feel like his knife work would be so eye-catching that even the simplest of meals would be a major event.

White and his wife Addison Timlin, an actress, are expecting their 4-year-old daughter Ezer and 1-year-old daughter Dolores together, and one thing we know for sure: hes got breakfast on lock. The actor did not disclose whether or not the girls were savory or sweet breakfast people, but said that his work on The Bear has significantly improved his IRL knife skills. "I had a station set up in my hotel room two months before we shot the pilot," he told People.

All of this practice has helped him become a better cook for his family since he prefers to prepare nice, hearty meals, per People. I prefer a Sunday roast. I prefer short ribs, roast vegetables, and some sort of potato.

The Bear's Whites character has become a bit of an obsession for fans, not that either he nor his wife have noticed it. "I don't have any Instagram," he said of In Style. "I don't have any Google alerts set on anything or anyone, especially not myself."

Instead, he prefers to stay home, doing his private chef routine for his two daughters in the morning. His regular dinner? Ordering takeout with his wife after the kids go to bed, according to People.

I do not know what to tell you if that relatable sentence does not justify his internet crush status.

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