In Europe, a "Crybaby Ambulance" will assist exhausted parents

In Europe, a "Crybaby Ambulance" will assist exhausted parents ...

Any new parent expects a baby to cry as part of the whole job of raising a child. But sometimes, even the most devoted parent can become caught up in the volume, frequency, and length of a childs wailing.

The Schreibaby Ambulanz is, unfortunately, not an ambulance, but rather a clinic. Which is funny to say when youre losing your mind because your crying baby refuses to be soothed.) In an interview with Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Angela Breder-Michael, a social worker who runs the clinics alongside psychologist Nina Sulzbach, says that the name is also misleading, since it's not only for crying babies or infants.

Staff ask about the urgency of the situation, but everybody is guaranteed an appointment within 48 hours. During the first session, Breder-Michael explains, parents will be asked about the problem, their goals, and are given recommendations on how best to proceed. Of course, fussy infants (and their exhausted parents) are among the most common visitors.

The Ambulanz employs a technique it calls body-orientated crisis support, with an emphasis on motivating parents to trust their instincts, teaching them how to develop individual solutions to common problems, and educating them how to physically free themselves from a stress spiral.

Graduates of the Ambulanz, who affectionately refer to themselves as Scream Queens, are powerful and, for many new parents, are quite familiar. They describe going to the clinic while struggling with hopelessness, anxiety, and fear. They also give an idea of what an appointment for a crybaby might be like.

Our little screamer was taken away from us, massaged, stroked, and re-introduced for the first time: we were not alone, there were other crying babies and crying parents, and we were able to recharge our batteries, take essential gear with us for everyday living, and grow immensely.

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