Monica Lewinsky Apparently Wants Her Name Out Of This Beyonce Lyric

Monica Lewinsky Apparently Wants Her Name Out Of This Beyonce Lyric ...

Beyonce altered a lyric in her new song Heated on the basis of an ableist slur on August 1st. Monica Lewinsky wants her singer to make a similar lyrical change, this time to her hit 2013 single, Partition.

On the same day, Lewinsky tweeted a link to a Variety story about the ableist slur in Renaissance, and wrote, uhm, while we were at it #Partition. Beyonce sings the line, He Monica Lewinskyd all on my gown, which is a reference to the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal of the late 1990s.

Lewinsky has been open about how the scandal affected her in the years since, claiming that, for years, she only received a mention for the issue, despite Clinton being far more powerful and influential.

Lewinsky said in a separate tweet on August 2 that she did not directly contact Beyonce to ask for a lyrical alteration. No, i havent. I mentioned it in the first vanity fair article i wrote in 2014, which was the first public thing i'd done in ten years. but you make an interesting/fair point she made in response to a person who'd replied to her tweet.

In a 2014 Vanity Fair essay, Lewinsky addressed the lyric shortly after the release of Partition. Beyonce, I think you meant Bill Clinton all over my gown, not Monica Lewinskyd, as she wrote in the article.

According to a 2015 The Cut article, Lewinsky had been mentioned in over 40 rap songs at the time by artists such as Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, and Eminem.

Lewinsky made no exceptions to her rap song muse comments in her Twitter bio. She responded, saying, "Learning to laugh about things that hurt or humiliated me is how i grew."

At the time of this publication, representatives for Lewinsky and Beyonce did not respond to requests for comment, and Beyonce has not publicly responded to Lewinksys' tweet.

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