Ivanka Trump wanted Tom Brady to marry him

Ivanka Trump wanted Tom Brady to marry him ...

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Tom Brady and Donald Trump have a history together. According to rumors, Trump loves Brady so much that he would have been delighted if Brady and Ivanka Trump had engaged.

In an excerpt from his next book, Breaking History: A White House Memoir, Jared Kushner talked about his relationship with Ivanka. He mentioned a conversation with Donald Trump during which Tom Brady's name was mentioned.

Ivanka Trumps conversation with Kushner was beginning to take off, and she was contemplating converting, wrote Kushner, who responded, "She is not Jewish, yet most people think I am." Ivanka Trump said, "Here's why she has to choose religions on her own."

Trump made a brief comment about Tom Brady and Ivanka following that conversation. Despite the fact that they have stated that there was no romantic engagement between them, Trump appears to have had a genuine desire for Brady and Ivanka to date over the years.

Tom Brady, the quarterback, is a genuine admirer of Ivanka and he is a fantastic guy, according to Trump in a 2004 interview with Howard Stern. I got to know him at the Miss Universe event.

According to a New York Times article, years later when Trump was in office, he continued to refer to Tom Brady in conversations. According to five persons who saw the president, he said, instead, I got Jared Kushner.

Despite Trump's wishes, Ivanka and Tom Brady appear to have never wished to be romantic partners. In an interview with Howard Stern, Brady clarified the situation after being questioned about it. No, there was never anything like that when Ivanka and I were dating, said the author. I married Gisele Bundchen, and I have no problems.

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