Review of the Kakegurui Twin: Nonsense Can Be Fun

Review of the Kakegurui Twin: Nonsense Can Be Fun ...

With Kakegurui Twin, the popular Netflix anime, is now available! Mary Saotome is a series regular and sly gambler, and lets discover her origins in this review!

Overview of the Kakegurui Twin

Kakegurui Twin is a spin-off of the popular gambling and psychological anime Kakegurui. The series centers around Mary Saotome, the third main character of the original series, and features her life before she met the main characters of the original show. Studio MAPPA is a well-known studio for anime like Attack on Titan and Jujutsu Kaisen.

Yuuichirou Hayashi, who was previously known for directing the final season (ha ha) of Attack on Titan, has been the lead filmmaker along with Kaori Makita, who has also been involved in storyboarding other series like Banana Fish and Terror In Tokyo! The series is also available on Netflix!

The Kakegurui Compulsive Gambler Twin Review does not contain spoilers.

Review of the Kakegurui Twin- The Plot

If you liked the original two seasons of anime, you already knew this wasnt going to be high art. The series is well-known for its reckless and sometimes nonsensical gambling, as well as its highly suggestive and sexual approach to students at a high school, especially female ones, but you were probably here for the sole purpose of seeing that.

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This one is a lot less insane and deranged than Kakegurui, especially when compared to Season 2. There are no Russian Roulette or gambling games that make you jump off 10-storey structures or any characters as insane as Yumiko Jibami.

Instead, Kakegurui Twin is a far more grounded story of Mary and how she came to be respected and feared in a school as strange as this one. There are minor flaws in her abilities in the original anime, which is supposed to be set after this show, but she wasn't going up against Yumiko here, who can easily destroy anyone in a game of chance.

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The story told here is of trust and friendship, alongside the standing of Mittens and other enslaved people in the school, and one that should have been addressed as a whole, but given that we already know that nothing will be fixed by the time the original timeline is created and the ones campaigning for it aren't seen in the anime (meaning they are Kakegurui Twin original characters), the plot feels strangely meaningless.

The plot of this show, which claims to be a thriller, is quite simple to follow. Even if you don't understand the rules, the games there were quite enjoyable.

The Characters in the Kakegurui Twin Review

Twin is a headstrong and fun character that was previously unknown. She is experienced at gambling but is not good at making friends, which makes her a little generic but enjoyable for a short time.

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There are a lot of new side characters here, most of whom aren't shown in the original show, making their conclusion unpleasant for those who have seen it. I don't consider this a spoiler because you can see all of them in the trailer and understand what all of them are implying.

Tsuzura, the show's co-protagonist, is a tad jerk, all things considered. She doesnt have much personality other than her caring and admiration for Mary and her friend. The three have decent chemistry, but their dynamic isn't explored much other than one game.

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The antagonists in this program are a completely different story, however. All of the new characters introduced, including Mary's three new student council members, were fantastic and highly enjoyable for the amount of time they took. Their motivations were well established and crystal clear, making them very enjoyable to observe and interact with.

Review of Kakegurui Twin- Animation and Music

The production is outstanding. MAPPA, a well-known industry leader, has spent a lot of time capturing the most beautiful girls as absolute insane maniacs, and we have plenty of that here, as well as some excellent character design in general.

The acting is also superb, as it is equally as thrilling and blood-pumping as it is necessary in a high-stakes game. However, the opening and ending themes are both well-done when you consider how great the originals were.

The verdict

The Kakegurui Twin is a very enjoyable, if somewhat tame, show that featured excellent production alongside some outstanding characters mixed with an average plot. It's a good continuation of the series as a whole and a good sign for its future.

Kakegurui Twin is now available on Netflix!




Kakegurui Twin is a perfectly enjoyable, if a little tame, show that featured fantastic production alongside some great characters combined with an average plot. This was a good continuation to the series as a whole and a good sign for its future.

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