Release Date, Plot, Cast, and More for The End Is Nye!

Release Date, Plot, Cast, and More for The End Is Nye! ...

The End Is Nye is an upcoming unscripted series featuring Bill Nye, the oh-so-popular science guy. The show is a project of Seth MacFarlane, Eric Huggins, and Brannon Braga, who are also executive producers of the series. Braga is also the showrunner and host.

Nye's End: Plot and Cast

The End Is Nye takes a science educator on a trip to remote places that are beyond our comprehension. He then delves into the dreadful situations, while also providing the hope to look beyond distress and where to help yourself in times of emergency. Each episode of the unscripted series will include a cameo from Seth MacFarlane, the show's executive producer.

Joanna Mandap as the Young Professional Woman, Isabella Astbury as the Bus Stop Kid 1, Zag Dorison as The Grim Reaper, Malik Bouabid as Bio Engineer, and finally, Bill Nye as himself.

The End Is Nye: The Release Date

Peacock's The End Is Nye will air on August 25, 2022. The series will consist of six episodes, each of 45 minutes long.

The Trailer For The End Is Nye

The End Is Nye: The Official Trailer is available below.

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