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LiveXLive Announces Planned Rebranding And Name Change To "LiveOne" And Intention To Return Its Pay-Per-View Business, a separate public company "PPVOne"

LiveXLive Announces Planned Rebranding And Name Change To

LiveXLive (Nasdaq: LIVX) is an online platform for livestream and on-demand audio, video, and podcast/vodcast content in music, comedy, music and pop culture. Livex PodcastOne ,. Slacker radio is the voice of the slacra. ,. React Presents Reaction Present. The company, and its subsidiaries, announced today that it plans to change their name to "LiveOne, Inc." as part of a global rebranding of the company and their business units, as soon as possible, the new name LiveXLive expects to change its NASDAQ stock symbol to "LVO" in the coming weeks. The stockholders are not required to make any changes to the name and stock symbols that liveX live does.

LiveXLive announced its intention to take over its existing pay-per-view business as a separate public company and its plan to distribute ten percent of the new company's equity to liveX live stockholders, which will be

LiveXLive plans to rebrand its subsidiaries and business as a single brand. LivexLive will reportedly sbrand the company's individual subsidiaries as the single-brand brand, and likewise tame the individual

  • The podcasting business, PodcastOne, owned by LiveXLive, will remain branded Podcast One.
  • Slacker, LiveXLive's music subscription business, will be branded "SlazerOne".
  • LiveXLive's pay-per-view business is anticipated to be split up and branded as "PPVOne" by the public.
  • React Presents, LiveXLive's live music business, is going to be called "ReactOne".
  • CPS, LiveXLive's merchandising business, will be called "PersonalizedMerchone."
  • LiveXLive's original content business will be branded "StudioOne" by the name "One of Live".

"We're excited to announce a new rebranding of LiveXLive, which reflects the evolution of our company, its accelerated growth, and our vision for the future as 'ONE'. The new liveone name and the associated business unit brands will further shape our flywheel business model and collectively become synonymous with our mission to be the 'one' leading end-to-end talent-first platform creating, producing,

"LiveOne" builds on the brand heritage created by the founder of Westwood and PodcastOne, which was acquired by LiveXLive in July 2020.

The new LiveOne name is the foundation of the brand's mission to be a one-stop platform for talent and fans alike for music, sports, esports, social media influence, lifestyle, podcasting, merchandise, publishing By the combination of acquisition and expansion of product and franchises, LiveXLive became a top-rated music, entertainment and media services company.

LiveXLive announced its 13th consecutive quarter of record revenue. The company's Slacker Radio subsidiary currently has more than 1,2 million paid subscribers*. Since launching its PPV platform, a company has specialized in the radio and radio market. Monsta X, WonHo, Darius Rucker, Pitbull, Trey Songz, Modern Drummer Festival, Monst Y, American Hopper Festival. LiveXLive generated approximately 21 million dollars in PPV sales in the current calendar year.

LiveXLive has become the largest social-language music festival in the world in 2021, and in 2012 the first of its kind to offer an NFT with every PPV livestream purchase of Social Gloves: Battle of the LiveXLive has livestreamed 146 live music events and 781 artists across the LivexLive platform over the last 12 months, generating over 149 million live views. Last year the total engagements within LiveXLive's social media channels saw a triple-digit increase. Average engagement on post and total reaches 25%. PodcastOne had over 2,38 billion podcast downloads of its franchise of exclusive shows including the more than 2, 38 billion download of his podcasts. The Adam Carolla Show will be in the works. ,. With Kaitlyn Bristowe off the vine with the Kaithlye Vine. ,. Bad Bad Things bad things bad ones bad stuff bad bad Things ugly stuff! , I hope you're here. The Jordan Harbinger Show was the Jordan Show. , Mea Culpa with Michael Cohen at MeA CULpA with Jim Cohen. ,. Cray Final Days of the Earth Final Day. ,. On the Edge with Jay Cutler, you will get a glimpse of the world. , Doug Ellin's Hollywood Wayz is the Hollywood star of Doug. Now has more than 235 exclusive podcasts, producing more and more of the latest podcast episodes. The total social media reach across the exclusive PodcastOne talent roster now exceeds 282 million.

LiveXLive is the first talent-centric platform focused on superfans and building long-term franchises in on-demand audio and video, podcasting, vodcasting and OTT linear channels, pay-per-view Its model includes multiple monetization paths, including subscription, advertising, sponsorship, merchandise sales, licensing, and ticketing across LivexLive's apps, website, OTT and Amazon, Apple TV, Sling, Roku, LiveOne recently raised revenue guidance for its 2022 fiscal year based on the strength of its core businesses.

Some subscribers are subject to a contractual dispute. *Included in the total number are certain subscribers. LiveXLive currently doesn't recognize revenue related to these subscribers.

If there are any guarantees that liveXLive's efforts will result in the planned spin-out of its existing pay-per-view business as a separate public company and the distribution of 80% of the new company'' equity to LiveXLive does not intend to make any future announcements concerning this process or developments unless its board of directors approved a specific transaction or the company has otherwise determined that further disclosure is appropriate or required by law.

About LiveXLive Media, Inc. About liveXlive Media. LiveXLive is a global talent-first, interactive music, sports, and entertainment subscription platform, with v2s and livestreams from the world's top artists. Since January 2020, The Company has streamed over 1,800 artists, a library with nearly 30 million songs, 500 radio stations, 21 podcasts/vodcasts, hundreds of pay-per-views. A personal merchandise LiveXLive's other major wholly owned subsidiaries are Slacker Radio, React Presents, Custom Personalization Solutions, and PodcastOne, which generates more than 2,38 billion downloads per year, 300+ episodes distributed per LiveXLive became a top-rated music, entertainment and media service company, due to mergers and expansions. In addition, the acquisitions resulted in the addition of new products and franchises, which enabled liveX Live LiveXLive is available on iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire, and via OTT, STIRR, Sling and XUMO, along with its app, online website and social channels. To find out more, visit or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and @liveexlive on Twitter.

Statements with a view forward-looking look at future-oriented expectations. All statements other than those of historical facts contained in this press release are "forward-looking statements," which may often, but not always, be identified by the use of such words as "may", "might"," "will," " The Company's Annual Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2021 filed with the SEC on July 14, 2022, and its other filings with The SSC, including: the Company reliance on one key These forward-looking statements speak only as of the date of these statements, and the Company disclaims any obligations to update these statement, except as it may be required by law. The Company intends to make all forward-looking statements subject to the safe-will provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.

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