101 Cute White Ink Tattoos

101 Cute White Ink Tattoos ...

The white ink tattoo is a relatively new technique and innovation that is gaining steam. It's perfect for women and men who want a subtle, yet striking tattoo idea.

Learning more about white ink tattoos, the pigment used to create them, and what you can expect from your own white ink tattoos will help you make a better and more informed decision.


White Ink Tattoo Designs

White ink tattoos are created using a special type of ink that is not very visible in normal light, but that truly stands out under UV light, also known as ultraviolet or black light. When in normal light, they are subtle and dainty, but when exposed to a UV light, they can be cute, fun, and beautiful.

First, be certain to clarify if the ink that you are using glows in the dark before you dive right in.

If it glows in the dark, it means it contains phosphorus. Though phosphorus is everywhere, ingesting it or having it injectable into your skin can cause ailments like cancer.

White ink tattoos should only be given by experienced tattoo artists, because they are far more difficult to see, thus the risk of error especially among an apprentice artist.

Fade of White Tattoos

Another important factor is the rate at which white ink fades. While it's true that all tattoos fade, even the best tattoos created by the best artists with the highest-quality inks fade considerably faster.

The rate at which the ink fades will be much higher because they don't have the same hardy pigments that tend to dull out their color slowly over time.

When your tattoo is brand new, you may wear long sleeves and sunscreen while out in the sun, as well as by practicing proper after-care.

White ink tattoo designs are quite varied. Many people choose to get white ink tattoos in much the same style of design as henna tattoos. While white ink does look absolutely stunning when under ultraviolet light, it is barely noticeable at home.

These tattoos can be created to appear almost exactly like lace, although people who may be afraid to wear a noticeable full sleeve tattoo ink may be more willing to take the plunge when it comes to white ink.

White Ink Tattoo Ideas: The Best

White ink tattoos on the hands, arms, feet, and other areas are all very popular. Mandalas, heavenly bodies, feathers, and even quotes are some of the most popular white ink tattoos that you may consider.

Feel free to use your own imagination to express your tattoo artist! Here are the best white ink tattoos to explore.

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